The Movement is a collective of individuals who believe that those whose salaries are paid with our tax dollars should primarily work in the interests of us – the people. We believe that the authority we give to our elected officials must always reflect our beliefs, views, and values. We will speak truth to power until our interests garner more influence over policy and laws than so-called special interest groups do.

JustUs provides a database of student criminal justice reform organizations, so that collections of student activists nationwide can support each other and collaborate in their work. We also keep a growing list of Des Moines and Iowa-based resources for criminal justice reform activism. See both at the Resources button below.

JustUs aims to be a platform for those most impacted by the racial disparity in incarceration to share their stories of struggle, resilience, challenge and success. This page will publicize some of the many stories which we weren’t able to include in our film. If you or someone you know have been personally affected by mass incarceration and want to share your story, press this button!